The Deadwood Valley of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

We greet you and are interested in furthering your education of Freemasonry.

Interest in Freemasonry?

Please join a Blue Lodge and then become a Scottish Rite Mason. Already a Master Mason? You can fill out a petition here for the Scottish Rite Degrees.

We encourage any man of good moral character to seek out a Brother Mason and initiate the process of joining. If you aren’t sure that you know a Mason, feel free to walk into the Masonic Center in Yankton and ask for one. Any one of us would be happy to help you begin your journey into Freemasonry.

Just like all other Valleys, we are making very conscience efforts to usher in a new era of Scottish Rite Masonry. Through the pages and sections here on this website, via newsletters, calls and emails, we are making great strides to encourage our Brothers, and future Brothers, to engage and become active in Scottish Rite. Our greatest philanthropy is the Rite Care Children’s Clinic and our greatest asset is you, the engaged and active Brother. There are currently 330 reasons to join the Yankton Valley of the Scottish Rite and we would love nothing more than for you to be the 331st.

Again, please enjoy the pages of this website as they are meant to share a glimpse, with you, of what it means to be a Scottish Rite Freemason in the Deadwood Valley.

A few pieces of information, by way of explanation, we hope should further your knowledge and we hope will cause you to want to join us in our labors.

Deadwood Calendar of Events