The Sioux Falls Valley of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

We greet you and are interested in furthering your education of Freemasonry.


“Predicated upon its basic foundation of belief in a personal God, the Scottish Rite gives primary importance in its Degrees and at its meetings to prayer. While there is an established position and sign to be used by all Scottish Rite Masons during prayer, this position and sign are sometimes not uniformly practiced.  All Scottish Rite Masons (except when engaged in ritual at the altar) stand during prayer, with caps remaining on the head as part of a uniform. So much is known and done. What is also required is giving the accompany­ing “Sign of the Good Shepherd.” This is done by folding the arms, the left over the right, with the outstretched fingers touching the shoulders. (See image above). The position is comfortable and easily remembered if it is realized that the sign represents the Good Shepherd carrying a lamb around his neck and holding its feet by his crossed hands. During prayer, in this position, the head is slightly bowed. The practice of this prayer position and sign, and their explanation and demonstration to all can­didates, will add much to the meaningfulness of our devotions”.



If the “Badge of Mason” is the white lambskin apron, then the Public Badge of a Scottish Rite Mason is the Scottish Rite Cap.  We have a lot of “Funny Hats.”  The Black one is for 32° Masters of the Royal Secret, the Red is 32° K.C.C.H., (“Knight Commander of the Court of Honor”), which is a honor cap. The Blue Cap is for 50 years of Service.  A White and Blue Cap is for a Scottish Rite Mason who has earned the Grand Cross.  The White Cap is for those who hold a special Honorary Degree for those holding the 33° and Final Degree of Freemasonry.  A White and Red cap is for a Deputy to the Supreme Council.  Finally Purple is for the Sovereign Grand Commander and other members of the Supreme Council.



There are many activities within the Sioux Falls Valley that you can be a part of, namely:

 Monthly Degree Conferral begins with the 4° and ends with the 32°. We do Degree work throughout most of the year – generally August – May on the 3rd Tuesday of each Month.  (The 33° is its own degree and is generally conferred either in Washington, DC at the House of the Temple or in Omaha, NE at the Scottish Rite Temple in that city.)

 Reunions are also opportunities for Degree Conferral similar in some respects to a “One Day” Masonic Festival.  Reunions feature the mandatory degrees (4, 14, 18, 30, and 32) and such others as the current Director of the Work assigns.

 Our Annual BBQ in the October.  It is the Sioux Falls Valley’s main fundraiser.  Cooking is done at the Masonic Temple and serving is done at El Riad Shrine.  The event is held generally on the 3rd Friday in October.

 Our annual Soup and Pie Fundraiser is held on President’s Day Weekend.  This will likely be held on Sunday of that weekend from 2014 and beyond.

 We have a Banquet for our annual meeting in December for election and installation of officers at our December stated meeting

 We host a Picnic in July for members and their families.

 The Sioux Falls Valley and the other 3 Valleys in the Orient of South Dakota have a charitable Foundation that supports Speech and Hearing and Communication Disorders Clinics.  One of our four Clinics in South Dakota is located in our own Masonic Building.  Communications services are provided to children who need them.  Much of the cost is defrayed.  The Sioux Falls Clinic is supported from Accounts in the Foundation devoted solely to charitable activities in Minnehaha County.  The Foundation and through it the Valleys also provide Fellowships at USD for post-graduate communications students and provide much of the funding for the four Speech and Hearing Clinics around the state.  There is an annual banquet for presentation of the Fellowships in Vermillion.  It is held on a Friday evening generally in late April or early May annually.

 As part of our Clinic Support, the Sioux Falls Valley helps host a Halloween Party for Clinic patients and their families.  Starting in Spring 2014, we have been dhosting a Spring/Easter themed party as well.


We have Council meetings the 2nd Tuesday of each Month.  The March, June, and September stated meetings also feature a meal.  Members may attend any meetings they so desire.